Why to Buy Used Cars

Everyone generally loves new cars. Driving new car gives much better experience than driving an old car. In the same way,people think that buying old cars means one can’t afford anew one. Though this is correct to some extent. Think in this way that by buying used cars, one may buy dream car but at a later time. One may buy some classic vintage versions, or one may choose to stay connected with their past. There are many dealers online who has a wide range of used cars in excellent condition,visit for having a view of best-used cars. Beside these there some others reasons to buy and prefer used cars on anew one. Some of them are discussed below


Depreciation matters most when one is making heaving investment on their dream car. A new car may depreciate for upto 50%. 20% of a car value reduces as soon as one purchase. Rest of the 30% will be depreciated in next three years. It is observed that a car depreciation rate will be a decline after initial three years. So purchasing a used car means it will not depreciate much in a coming year as much as a new car will.

2-Low Registry Cost:

New cars bear large registry cost as well as the hightax rate. One has to pay much tax onnew cars as compared to old ones.Moreover, thecostof registry and transfer of ownership is reduced. Registry car reduces on every passing year of car`s life.

3-Low Insurance Cost:

This is thefact that insurance cost on ausedcar is much less than that of new cars. The Insurance cost reduces even more when one is buying collision and comprehensive coverage.

4-Stress Free Life:

Though old cars sometimesneed much attention towards repairs but not always. However, one thing is sure for new cars that one will take much care of it. One may not use new cars on a rough and tough routine. A single dent may put theowner in a depression mode. Such traumatic condition will never happen to theowner of theused car.

Car of Dreams:

New luxurious cars sometimes become the dream of high middle class earning group. However, they can use their savings on same luxurious cars from previous years. No doubt a car will never lose its passion,regardless of its age. So one can buy their dream cars through Here one can find different cars of different makes of any previous years. So one can make a comparative study.