Car Driving Simulator

Learning how to drive a car could be a difficult task and many people find it hard to cope up the fear and control the vehicle. For them car driving simulator are introduced that helps you to master in different fields of driving that are Research simulator software, clinical applications, driver training software and safety awareness training. Each of these software helps you to get to overcome your fear of driving and helps you to get aware of all the technical issues that you need to get help with. Not only the technical training about driving but also helps you to get to know the safety precautions as well.

Features of Car Driving Simulator:

  • Clinical Applications: these applications mainly help you to overcome the fear of driving, evolution of the fitness of the driver. The technique used is Virtual Reality which means that to practice in the safe environment and to invoke those conditions in a controlled way that will help you to overcome the fear. This also ensures the safety and strength of the driver and to know whether he is physically fit or not.
  • Driver Training Software: this is based on the technique that will help you to learn driving in the controlled and calculated way. Driver has to practice a lot mainly 40 to 50 hours and he should be efficient enough to drive on the public roads. To focus attention is the key point and to tackle the hurdles comes along the way. The driver should be attentive enough to look in all the mirrors and on the road as well. This technique is known to be visual scanning.
  • Research Simulator Software: this is to study the effect of other stimulants on the driver while driving. This helps him to interact with not only the road but how other stimulants effect the driver. The condition of the driver is checked in research stimulator software that how he drives, if drunk, tired and distracted etc.

These car driving simulator helps you to learn driving car in safe and secured ways.