Is Your Business Missing the Most Obvious Technology?

Technological advance is rapid, there’s hardly any doubt about that. Really, we reside in times when improvements are fast we can barely keep up. I remember my Dad coming home when I was a child with the very first ever “digital calculator”. It had glowing green lights and can do adding up and taking away and we managed to type at a succession of numbers to spell out impolite words when you looked in the screen upside down… !

Gosh I’m old… !

But the pupil can send back their job and it may be marked and shipped back, coming home in spite. It used to take a couple of days for Dad and my Mum to get letters from my dwelling 15 miles from the school.

Lots of men and women are today surrounded by technology. There are those clichés suggesting your phone has more power than the mainframes that sent men. Your phone has more ability compared to that computer. Moore’s Law implies that technology’s ability doubles. Capability seems to be growing.

The sector is a fantastic example.

Imagine you’re a supermarket owner and you will need to correct the price tickets on the shelves. That takes people and time to do it. As a retailer that you would like to correct your costs on a daily basis, although the law requires one to display costs. But in doing this, you need to accept the expense of changing those price tags to the shelves. Enter the shelf tag that is electronic. This is incorporated and as someone changes the price it updates the shelf price. This is a advantage.

However, focusing on technology can occasionally drive a company in the incorrect direction. The notion is these will be put in retail stores so that a computer can analyse the state of shoppers, leading to help the shopper that is pep-up. A advance that is fantastic, wonderful concept. But shops have a emotion detector – a sales assistant. The brain has millions of years of evolution that has resulted in a significant sensor inside every one of our heads. You know without looking at people, that you can sense the mood around you.

The notion is that individuals are going to have the ability to try on distinct sorts of clothing and find out how they look at exactly the exact same moment all in a variety of outfits. It is a screen that stores images of each outfit a shopper tries on and shows those images all . People are able to spot what clothing looks good, although people don’t have the capability to determine what suits them. Rather all you will need is a friend with you who will use the technology inside their head.

Occasionally, we get really hooked on technology we presume that it has to give the response to our troubles. You can receive an assortment of to handle your emails. Yet you’ve got a management system suddenly it’s managed and the technology in your brain is to reset your attitude. Individuals are spending hours managing when is use their brain, the apps that manage their emails.

Perhaps now is the time.

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